Floreana Island

This is the smallest and least populated Island of the archipelago.It has around only 100 inhabitants and is attracts visitors from all over the world due to its beauty.

It is one of the four populated island in Galapagos but due to its legends is the most famous of all the islands.

This was one of the first islands to be populated and the cause of the most controversy in the international press at the start of the 20th century.

The island continues to be one of the most famous and isolated in the world, where the fantasy in its famous legends and mystery can be felt in the air.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra

Is situated on the prominent coastline of Floreana, in front of a wide and sheltered bay.This small village has an eccentric and curious story to be learnt in respect to its founders.Naturally, like in almost all of the Galapagos Islands, it has beautiful visitor sites such as a black sand beach with a colony of sea lions and a lagoon with flamingos.The principal economic activity is agriculture.

Punta Cormorant

This is to the west of Floreana, it is easy to disembark here as it is naturally sheltered. It has a beautiful dark green beach due to the large quantities of OLIVINO crystals..

At the extremes of the rocks and between them of the rocks and between them you can see lots of crabs, marine iguanas and sea lions.On the outskirts of a beautiful crater above the palo santo trees, you can see frigate birds, pelicans.


Corona del Diablo (Devils Crown)


This was once a satelite islet of Floreana Island.Today it is just a circle of rocks that look like a crown, due to the constant erosion from the sea.It is one of the best places for snorkeling and diving, in both the interior and exterior of the crown, due to the great variety of fishes of all shapes, sizes and colours all under the crystal clear water.It is also excellent place to see whilst navigating around its exterior by boat.It is common in the above places to see sharks, they are not dangerous and it is considered a safe place to swim with them, but it is advised no to get too close.


Laguna de Flamingos (Flamingo Lagoon)


A SALT water lagoon fed by the sea where flamingos, ducks, waders and other migratory birds come to nest.The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves and other plants that are unique to this island.


Post Office

This is on the north side of the island and is so called because it was here in 1793 that an empty rum barrel was placed, most likely by Captain James Colnett, to serve as a post office for the whalers that frequented the Galapagos Islands for some time.Today, visitors use the same post office to maintain the tradition.

The bay has a beautiful fine sandy beach behind which you find the famous barrel post office, following the same path you will arrive at the entrance of a cave where you enter by going down a set of small steps, this must be done with your guide.

An adventure not recommended for the frail or physically unfit.

Mirador de la Baronesa (The Baroness look out)

This site is especially attractive because as well as its impressive beauty it has a history.

We know through letters that the Baroness Eloisa Von Wagner very much liked this place, and spend many hours a day here so she could know about the various boats that came to the island.  A short distance away you will find the ruins know as the house of the Baroness.During the journey here by zodiac, you will see various species of rays such as eagle rays and golden rays, also turtles, sea lions, and finally Galapagos penguins.


Cerro Alieri

This is situated to the east of Puerto Velasco Ibarra.One of the main points of interest of the Cerro Alieri is its vegetation.At this site we find many different types of shrubs and bushes, one of these is a tree that blossoms in February and whose population is estimated to be only 15 individual trees, for a long time the colonizers knew it as the unknown tree and it was an abundant species up to 50 years ago.

Asilo de la paz

This is a hill, 450m high, which allows for excellent views of the island.

Its principal attractions are part of the story of Floreana, one is a cave used by the pirates and the other is a fresh water well.Both sites are found at the base of the hill.

The story of the cave is that it was home to the first colonizers of the islands.



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