Galpagos Islands Hiking 

Galapagos Islands hikingGalapagos Islands Hiking allows tourist enjoy an experiences marvelous with wildlife.  Galapagos Islands  is a wonderful place when you can  see nature in action and explore off-the-beaten-path lava trails full of exotic birdlife. The guides can point out the fascinating details of the islands, turning a beautiful hike into an unique experience.


Galapagos Islands Scuba Diving

Galapagos Islands Scuba Diving

Diving in The Galapagos is a dream come true. Galapagos is a best place where scuba diving can be practiced and also where the great diversity of incredible marine fauna can be enjoyed.




Galapagos Islands Snorkeling

Galapagos Islands snorkeling
Snorkeling; is an exciting adventure activity Galapagos snorkeling has become the gratest way to enjoy and understand the beauty of the Galapagos marine world. Galapagos snorking adventure sites have an underwater topography so varied, that the marine fauna.You'll see everything from sharks and turtles to penguins and boobies flopping around the water will never be repetitive.You’ll see  . You can spend hours in the water enjoying the show!

Galapagos Islands Kayaking

Galapagos Islands Kayaking

You'll be surrounded by true nature, peace and spectacular wildlife as you kayak around the Galapagos. Kayaking in Galapagos will allow you to see the wonderful wildlife of these islands in a closer and more personal way from behind the paddle of a sea kayak, providing you a more intimate journey in the enchanting Galapagos Islands.


Galapagos Islands Surfing

Galapagos Islands Surfing

With large swells, reef and shore-breaking waves, good offshore winds, and a world-class right on Carola Beach, San Cristobal Island offers excellent surfing for experienced surfers as well as an opportunity for beginners to spend a bit more time in the crystal-clear warm waters. You regularly surf with dolphins, sea lions, turtles and iguanas and it seems they love the surf in Galapagos as much as we do because you see them surfing along side of you all the time.


Galapagos Islands Birdwaching

Galapagos islands Birdwaching

Birdwaching in Galapagos islandsis other adventure activity With a plethora of migrant and endemic birds to spot, coming here is a birdwatcher dream. do not forget to bring good binoculars.




Galapagos Islands Beach

Galapagos islands Beach

The beach is an perfect place where you can take a rest. The beach is magnificent  it has fine,white sand. The Galápagos Islands are bathed by the Pacific Ocean, and are part of the Republic of Ecuador.




Galapagos Islands Camping

Galapagos Islands Activities
In Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela exist various places where camping is permitted with previous authorizations form the Head of the Galapagos National Park.





Galapagos Islands Biking

Galapagos Islands biking

Santa Cruz
Mountain biking trip tour expeditions in Galapagos Islands.The only asphalted road begins in Puerto Ayora and crosses the island to the Channel of Itabaca, just in front of Baltra Island, it is about 41 Km. The closest village is...


Galapagos Islands Cruises

Galapagos Islands Cruises

A cruise is the best way to visit many islands in a short time. Make a boat tour ...Galapagos on the best yachts and
cruise ships




Galapagos Islands Pictures

Galapagos Islands pictures

The Galapagos Islands offer excellent opportunities of photography, even to the amateurs. The possibilities to get up to 2 or 3 meters off wildlife allow the beginning photographer to obtain acceptable pictures with any type of camera. But if you decide to get a good camera for your trip.



Galapagos adventure activity has always marveled visitors.
Don't miss the opportunity to swim with sea lions, marine iguanas, turtles, rays, hammerhead sharks and more.



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