The Islands have a wide array of endemic fauna, invertebrates, birds, reptiles and a few mammals, which are native to the islands rather than introduced. The Galapagos Tortoise is the most well known of all the endemic creatures. These giant tortoises, all of which are endangered due to hunting and introduced species, include 11 subspecies adapted to the terrain of their island home.

On land

Of the thousands of animals found here that resemble their mainland ancestors, many have evolved so extensively in isolation that they are now classed as distinct species. Over three-fourths of the reptiles and land birds are endemic and often exclusive to certain islands.


Blue footed booby

                          footed booby galapagos islands wildlife

Giant Tortoise

                                  Tortoise galapagos ecuador cruises

Red footed booby

Red footed booby in galapagos


iguana wildlife galapagos


albatross in galapagos islands


frigate birds in galapagos tours galapagos

In the water

The marine world is equally rich. The staggering diversity of marine life ranges from cold-water species such as penguins – the only species to occur in the Northern Hemisphere – and marine iguanas – the only lizard to swim in the ocean. Other marine species include enormous aggregations of sea lions and warm-water species like manta rays and corals. Some 400 species of fish swim alongside sharks, turtles, urchins, sea cucurs, crabs, anemones, and sponges.



turtle galapagos wildlife


Sea lion

sea lion galapagos islands


pelikan galapagos wildlife



penguin wildlife in galapagos islands

Plant life

Due to the volcanic nature of the island the plant life of the Galápagos is rather scarce. In fact, there are fewer species of flora because not many plants are hardy enough to cross oceans and establish themselves. Those that thrived had to adapt to having few insects or animals to pollinate their flowers or disperse their seeds. Today, one-third of the over 500 plants are endemic, including unique species of cotton, pepper, and tomatoes.


Prickly Pear Cacti

cactus flora in galapgos


wildlife in galapgos






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