pinta galapagos island

Pinta Island Ecuador Galapagos

Pinta Island, also known as Abingdon is a small uninhabited island located in the north of the archipelago, with islands Genovesa, Marchena, Wolf and Darwin. It has an area of 60 km and a maximum altitude of 777 meters.

Pinta Island is the third islet in the northern group of islands. Its lava is different from that of Marchena and Genovesa. Pinta's most famous inhabitant was Lonesome George. Due to whaling ships and buccanneers, many tortoise populations were destroyed. The introduction of goats on Pinta was probably the straw that broke the camel's back leaving one Pinta tortoise (as far as we know) in this world. Lonesome George is the last Pinta tortoise. (Yes, it sounds like a bad country western song, but its true). For years, scientists hoped to find him a mate, but alas, George is destined to life as a bachelor, and when he goes, so does his race. Now we are more concientious about the environment, but due to a careless past, another animal will become extinct. You can now visit Lonely George at the Charles Darwin Research station on Santa Cruz island.



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