Rabida Island

A small island just over 2 kms in width and 400 meters at its highest point, located to the south of Santiago Island. Rabida is known for its unusual red colored beaches.

The vegetation consists mainly of Opuntia Cactus, Palo Santo tress and scrubby bushes. Upon your wet landing you will probably see various sea lions and after a short hike you will reach the lagoon to see Flamingos and Pelicans. Rabida offers the best lagoons in the islands for viewing flamingos. These large pink or reddish birds live in shallow saltwater lagoons. Feeding 7-12 hours a day primarily on the pink shrimp larva and water boatman that give them their color.

Marine iguanas and sea lions are often seen resting in the shade of the caves nearby. Behind the beach is the salt brush home where the brown pelicans make their nests. Rabida may be the only opportunity visitors have to see pelicans nesting up close. On the cliffs above the pelicans, blue-footed and masked boobies can be seen.

Landing: wet landing
Highlights: nesting pelicans and flamingos
Conditions: the beach is an open zone
Notes: bring water and good hiking shoes




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