Santa Cruz Island

A Land of Discovery

Santa Cruz island is situated in the centre of the Galapagos Archipelago, it covers an area of 98.555 hectors.On this islands one can appreciate 7 different vegetation zones and a diversity of fauna.Santa Cruz was colonized at the end of the 1920's by a group of Norwegian, their dream to fish can not succeed and so some of them left to resettle in the highlands.Here they concentrated on agriculture as a means to live.

Puerto Ayora

Puerto Ayora is a city that expanded from the dock and Academy Bay. It is closeness to the see; the relation with the supply ships and the exchange of products with the continent are what helped formed the urban profile that we know today.The population is mainly employed in tourism.


Breeding Centre for Giant Tortoises and Land Iguanas


This is the principal captive breeding centre for tortoises and iguanas from different islands that were in danger of extinction and thanks to the work of the dedicated institutions, the populations are growing.


Punta Estrada Beach


This small calm beach situated on Punta Estrada is an ideal place to enjoy swimming and snorkeling.You arrive there by a small ride in a water taxi from the main pier and then a path where you can observe the salt lakes, lagoons formed from the high tide where salt is collected.


Las Grietas


This place is formed by fissures in the lava that has created two giant walls, separated by a canal of water where you can see clearly the two layers of water.

The water in the surface layer is fresh water that comes from highlands, filtered though the rock.The water in the bottom layers is salt water that enters from the sea.


Garrapatero Beach


This is a beautiful beach where one can enjoy the turquoise waters and white sands. Behind the beach is a lagoon where flamencos and black necked ducks can often be spotted.Galapagos finches and migratory birds from the coasts are easy to spot here.

Station Beach


This is a small beach where it is common to see marine iguanas and finches. It is situated along the path to the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Tortuga Bay Beach


Tortuga Bay is a beach where the black turtle comes to lay its eggs.One of the largest white sand beaches of the archipelago, it is an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or walking.Marine iguanas, sharks and turtles can all be seen here.


Shark and Love Canal, playa de los perros and Lober­a

The only way to arrive at these sites is by boarding a bay tour.This tour includes a small walk trough the arid zone that will take you to the Playa de los Perros (dog beach), where you can observe a large Number of sally-light food crabs, igunas and marine birds.

The Loberia is a small islet where you can swim and snorkel with the sea lions.

In the Shark and Love canal you can see marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, pelicans and various species of fish including white tip sharks (tintoreras)

Las Ninfas Lagoon

In the centre of Puerto Ayora, here you will find a calm lagoon surround by mangroves.

Media Luna, Cerro Crocker y El Puntudo

Follow the paths up to the three hills, passing by extinct volcanoes covered in endemic vegetation, to find spectacular views of the island.The vegetation is home to the vermillion fly-catcher, finches, the dark-rumped petrel, Galapagos rails and nocturnal birds.


Natural Reserve for Giant Tortoises

Found in the highlands in the region of Santa Rosa, here one can found giant tortoises in their natural habitat, passing freely between the tourist ranches where paths have been adapted to enjoy these prehistoric animals.


Lava Tunnels

These geological formations allow us to understand the formation of the islands.These are mostly found within the tourist ranches.

The tunnels have been fitted with lighting so one can visit them.


Los Gemelos (The twins)

These were created as the result of clapse of the surface material inside underground fissures or chaWELCOMETOGALAPAGOSrs. In this place one can find forests of escalecia, a species endemic to Galapagos and the habitat of the Galapagos finches.



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